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DeepStar is a joint industry technology development program focused on advancing technologies to meet its members' needs.

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About DeepStar

DeepStar the industry longest running offshore technology development consortium

DeepStar is a joint industry technology development project focused on advancing the technologies to meet its members' deepwater business needs to deliver increased production and reserves. We provide a forum to execute deepwater technology development projects and leverage the financial and technical resources of the deepwater industry. 

DeepStar 2017 Program Relaunch

DeepStar new models will have a two pronged approach, DeepStar CORE will focus on hot topic industry issues that need immediate attention and industry guidance. While DeepStar Satellite Program will co-develop larger R&D efforts for the collective good of its Members. DeepStar Members will formalize the overall structure and scope of each project.

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Join DeepStar' founding members and participate in the industry most successful offshore Research & Technology Consortium. 

If your company is interested in participating in the DeepStar Program please contact joe@theooc.us or 7139691288 for more information about joining.   

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DeepStar has established four technical subcommittees that routinely have project meetings. Those four technical sub-committees include; Drilling, Completions & Intervention, Flow Assurance, Subsea Systems Engineering, and Floating Systems & MetOcean. Please join us at our next meeting to find out more about the DeepStar' technical program.   


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