DeepStar 2019 - 2020


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Core Program

DeepStar CORE Program focuses on all members’ common collaborative technology needs; discusses industry technology issues and develops ideas for larger, elective satellite projects.

Satellite Program

Focuses on elective Satellite Projects in which the technology advancement is aided by collaborative among interested parties. 

Partnership Program

Leverage external non-member funds to advance technology for industry and our members needs.


Benefits from CORE Program

 Access to more than $1 million R&D spend/financial leverage 

Deliverables & reports for all CORE projects selected for the 2019 DeepStar Program year (May 2019 – May 2020)

Access to multi million-dollar funds/partnership leverage 

($10 million in 4 years – $2 million in 2019) through DeepStar partnership with Nippon Foundation and influence the partnership with DOE. ‒Partnership Program project reports 

Collaborative Discussion amongst all technical Subcommittees 

Technical Forums: Life Extension Forum (February 28th) , FPSO Integrity Management (April), Riser Integrity Management Workshop (May 13th)

Q3 Planning - Hydrate Blockage / Plugged Remediation Workshop, Offshore Digital Lifecycle Workshop, Subsea Docking Station Workshop 

Technical Workshops to align industry and develop solutions 

Industry Workshops: Technology Symposium May 10th 2019, Continued Service August 28th 2019 

Reduce Satellite Project Administration Cost by up to 25%  


Technical Themes for the Future

Continued Service

Deepwater Technology Trends 

Integrity Management

Long Distance Tieback

Technology Evaluation 

  • Near Term, Mid Term, Long Term (Greater Collaboration Needed)


Drilling, Completion & Intervention

Comparative Assessment method in Decom Decisions “NEBA JIP”

Downhole Early Kick Detection Sensor Qualification

ESP with Magnetic Drive System (MDS) for Deep Water 

Improved understanding and Industry Best Practice for design of deep-water wells with salt formation

Increase of Progress Rate in Hard Rock Drilling at Depth

Plug & Abandonment Operations

Shear Ram Systems

Subsea Well Intervention Through Tubing Sand Control Screens Repairs

Subsea Wellhead Fatigue Study

Top Hole Drilling by LWI Vessel

Floating Systems & MetOcean

Acid Gas Removal (AGR) and Re-injection Project 

Development for long-term protection paint and performance evaluation method 

Fixed Equipment Integrity Operating Windows based on Facility Operating Conditions

Fixed Equipment Reliability Indicates based on Facility Operating Conditions

Floating Acid Gas Removal and Re-injection 

FPSO Turret

Improved Decision Making for Hurricane Evasion

Improving Mooring Reliability through Better Standards (Phase 2)

Integrity Management – FPSO Turret System Components

Life Extension Technologies Supporting Moorings (Lets Moor JIP)

Low Cost FPSO Alternative

Optimization of Lazy Wave & Umbilical Shape

Regional Marine Growth Modelling

Reliable Surface Current Measurements

Riser Continued Service 

Standardization of Mooring Chain Out-of-Bending Design 

Flow Assurance

Bypass Pigging for Deepwater Applications

Characterization of Multiphase Flow for Gas-Liquid Solid Systems Representing Hydrate Slurry Flow

Concurrent Wax and Hydrates Deposition 

Enhanced Flowback Technology 

Evaluation of Hairy-Nanoparticles to Prevent Asphaltene Deposition in the Near-Well Region

Exothermic Chemical Treatment Systems

Gas Hydrate Plug Remediation

Hydrate Agglomeration from High Salinity Brines

Hydrate and Flexible Risers

Hydrates Nucleation from Presence of Solids

Improvement of Chemical Injection System

Insulated Pipelines

Measurements of Gas Hydrates Phase Equilibria for Brine Blends

Plugged Flowline Diagnostic Technologies

Quantifying the Effect of Insulation on Hydrate Deposition in Gas-Filled Deadlegs

Rock Flow Cell Measurements 

Transient Hydrate Deposition Risk in Gas Dominated Systems

Transient Hydrate Risk In Gas Dominated Systems

Wax Deposition in Gas Dominated Systems

Subsea Systems Engineering

20 K Systems Industry Review

Deepwater Pipelay

Demonstration of Capability of Inspection Tool Unit(ITU) mounted on AUV

Flushing the Annulus of Flexible Pipes in a Closed Loop System

HORA System use on brown field and HT application

Long Distance Subsea Tieback

  • Long Distance Subsea Tieback Case Study for 10K to 20K Infrastructure -
  • Power Alternatives, Unmanned Facilities and Subsea Chemical Storage & Injection"

Predictive & Prescriptive CBM Solutions "No Training Data"

Pseudo Dry Gas System

Qualification of High Pressure Super Duplex Stainless Steel (SDSS) Umbilical Tubing

Subsea Application of Renewable Power Supply

Subsea Asset Integrity Machine Learning

Subsea Chemical Storage – Life of Field Value Proposition

Subsea Deep offshore gas fields

Subsea Deepwater Pipelay

Subsea Marine Fouling Management

Subsea Non Contact Remote Inspection

Subsea Omni Directional Optical Wi-Fi System

Subsea Produced Water Management

Subsea Quick Release Mechanism for Pipeline Buoyancy Modules

Underwater Communication Networks

Underwater Wireless Power Transfer

Vibration Suppression Systems

Work Groups

Drilling, Completion & Intervention

Downhole Early Kick Detection Sensor Qualification

Insert Valve Design for SCSSV 

ESP Control Systems 

ESP with Magnetic Drive System (MDS) for Deep Water

Technology Advancements for Drilling Rig Contractors

Floating Systems & MetOcean

Accurate and Reliable Surface Current Measurement from Fixed and Floating Facilities 

Acid Gas Removal (AGR) and Re-injection Project 

Continued Service Forum 

Data Standardization for Digital Lifecycle Management of Offshore facilities 

Development for long-term protection paint and performance evaluation method

Enhanced Flowback Technology (nanoActiv EFT) for Offshore Application

Fixed Equipment Integrity Operating Windows based on Facility Operating Conditions

Improvement of Chemical Injection System

Mooring Working Group 

Riser Continued Service Functional Spec for In-Situ Riser Inspection Tools 

Flow Assurance

Concurrent Wax and Hydrates Deposition 

Plugged Flowline Diagnostic Technologies 

Quantifying Effect of Insulation on Hydrate Deposits in Gas-filed Deadlegs 

Subsea Systems Engineering

20 Ksi Systems Validation

Demonstration of Capability of ITU mounted on AUV

Docking Station Standardization

Integrated Flowline cost reduction program 

Qualification of High-Pressure SDSS Umbilical Tubing

Subsea Composite Flowlines 

Subsea Electrical Fail-Safe Valves

Subsea Leak Detection with AUV 

Subsea Omni Directional Optical Wi-Fi System

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe in Deepwater 

Underwater wireless power supply system


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