Flora Yiu


Marine Technology Manager 

International and Deepwater Project Management 

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Shak Shamshy


DeepStar Director 

Chevron Energy Technology Company 


  • Shak Shamshy is currently DeepStar Director in Chevron. In over 23 years in the Oil & Gas industry, he had taken variety of technical and management assignments with increasing responsibilities. 
  • Shak began his career in 1994 as a geophysical engineer for CNPC and advanced to a team manager’s position, leading seismic exploration operations and a team of hundreds of employees. Shak joined Chevron in 2003 as a development geologist in the Gulf of Mexico Business Unit and led a number of development drilling projects before moving to Chevron’s Deepwater Exploration and Production Business Unit as an exploration geophysicist in 2005. There he worked on multiple projects improving Chevron’s deepwater exploration capabilities. Shak went on to Chevron’s Southern Africa Strategic Business Unit in 2008, where he led the decision analysis process for Chevron’s exploration and new field development investments in West Africa. Shak joined Chevron Technology Ventures in 2011, and worked on venture capital technology investments, led technology transfer, and managed technology deployment and adoption efforts. The technologies Shak had worked on cover a wide spectrum of Chevron business areas including subsurface, engineering, drilling & completions, facilities, advanced materials, information technology, etc. 
  • Shak started the DeepStar Director role in January, 2017. He is responsible for all the operations of DeepStar – a global offshore technology development consortium in which several Oil & Gas global offshore operators are core members. 
  • Shak earned a B.Eng. in Geophysical Prospecting from the University of Petroleum in Dongying; an M.S. in Geological Sciences (Geophysics) from Indiana University at Bloomington; and an M.B.A. from Rice University Business School in Houston. 

Jiayou Mao


Deepwater Engineering Manager


Anish Simon


Asset Manager – Jack, St. Malo & Julia

Technology Manager - US Offshore 


Ginny Garriques & Wei Sun


Subsea and Pipelines Manager, ExxonMobil Production Company



Technology Development Project Supervisor – Marine and Mechanics

Deepwater and Conventional, 

Upstream Integrated Solutions (UIS)

Umezu Kaoru


Technology Management 

JX Nippon

Cesar Lima


Senior Equipment Engineer

Submarine Equipment Technology 


Hani Elshahawi


Digitalization Lead - Deepwater Technology


Khalid Mateen


Vice President Engineering & Technology


Julie Morgan


Chief Flow Assurance