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DeepStar Mission

 The mission of the program is an industry-led cooperative effort to develop economically viable, fit-for-purpose offshore production technology with global applicability and to support the qualification and acceptance of this technology. DeepStar Program will facilitate a cooperative, globally aligned effort focused on identification and development of safe, economically viable methods to drill, produce and transport hydrocarbons from offshore. DeepStar focus is on global offshore development viability with safe and smart operations, and progressing the technology barrier to allow for cost effective development in offshore environment.


DeepStar’s primary goals are:

Improve the profitability, execution, operability, flexibility and reliability of existing offshore production systems technology (i.e., enhance existing technology); 

Enable and assure cost effective Continued Service of producing assets  

Ensure correct technology availability at the correct business INTERCEPT time. Develop and implementation of technology to enable production in areas that are currently technically unproven with the specific ultimate goal of developing the technology required for economic production in offshore focused on deepwater (i.e., develop enabling technology); 

Work to ensure the acceptance of offshore technology by:  (a) facilitating the development of industry standards & practices as appropriate, and (b) fostering communications with appropriate stakeholders.

Act in a facilitator role, providing a forum and a process for discussion, guidance, and feedback with contractors, vendors, operators, and academia regarding offshore production system technology capability gaps, and promoting standardization of component interfaces. 

Actively recruit all offshore operators and service organization as Members or Associate Meters into the program in order to obtain their participation in and increase their awareness of, all of DeepStars’ technology program and Satellite projects.  


Execution of Mission Statement

 DeepStar new models will have to two pronged approach, DeepStar CORE will focus on hot topic industry issues that need immediate attendance and industry guidance and produce topical papers and allow for forum of discussion. DeepStar CORE will focus on the front end (Low Technology Readiness Level – TRL) of the technology cycle by advancing critical fundamental knowledge (science), providing proof of concepts, performing engineering and techno-economic studies and activities leading to standardization and industry adoption. While DeepStar Satellite Program will co-develop larger R&D efforts for the collective good of its Members. DeepStar Members will formalize the overall structure and scope of each project. DeepStar will work with its Members to find contractors and interested parties to fund the R&D efforts through DeepStar Satellite projects committee.  This process DeepStar utilizes brings a clear operator statement of technology needs and system performance requirements. While the DeepStar satellite projects will focus on the full spectra of the technology development cycle and provide a mechanism to fully fund commercially viable projects through a stage gate approach leveraging cost share amongst multiple parties.   



Membership Type: Operator Member

Membership provides your company representatives with the ability to participate and/or receive updates in any of our subcommittees and workgroups. Operator membership level is based on ownership of offshore leases.   

 Cost: $100,000 annual membership 


Associate Member

Membership provides your organization with the ability to attend DeepStar Meetings and Workshops. Retain deliverable from current ongoing projects within CORE program, and allows your organization to submit proposals on DeepStar CORE and Satellite projects. Associate Members shall mean any firm or corporation who is engaged in offshore activity as a drilling contractor, service company, supplier, or other capacity that desires to participate within the DeepStar Program.  

 Cost: $15,000 annual membership 


DeepStar Membership Agreement 2019 2020 (docx)


DeepStar 20 ksi Satellite Project Participants (docx)


Members Supplement Valve Insert for SCSSV Agreement (docx)