Voice of the customer


Reconnect & Engage with DeepStar

This new “Voice of the Customer” initiative intends to address industry slow technology integration by leveraging the collaborative value of DeepStar program and providing a venue for the introduction and quicker qualification and uptake of technology within offshore industry.


DeepStar Program

DeepStar is the industry’s longest running and most successful offshore technology development consortium and it has generated significant value by providing technology transfer to its members and the industry. There is an increased need in the industry for an operator-driven, collaborative technology development program. 


DeepStar Funding Model

  Core Program

DeepStar CORE Program focuses on all members’ common collaborative technology needs; discusses industry technology issues and develops ideas for larger, elective satellite projects. Research funds are collected from Membership Fees. 

Satellite Program

Focuses on elective Satellite Projects in which the technology advancement is aided by collaborative among interested parties. Research funds are collected from Participants Fees. 

Partnership Program

Leverage external non-member funds to advance technology for industry and our members needs.


Collaborative Projects

This is where a specific need of an end user or operator is identified and addressed as an Industry initiative within a framework like DeepStar.

 DeepStar provides a proven collaborative environment for technology Development.

Usually the vendor / contributor first recognizes the technology needs and expects their technology and IP would be a good solution to satisfy that need.

For DeepStar Program

The first step in creating a collaborative project is the high level definition of a CTR or a white paper which outlines the needs, the technical solution, and the projected work required to mature the technology that would fit well within a collaborative situation.


Development of DeepStar Project

The contributor, DeepStar staff and an Operator champion develops the CTR outline. 

The contributor understands the commitments required, indicates areas of collaboration interests. 

The DeepStar Staff works with the Technical Subcommittees to determine the SME / Operator interest and time investment required. 

A Working Committee of Operator SMEs and contributor project personnel meets and frames / inputs to the CTR Project Plan. This gets everyone on a common page and sets the expectations in a project plan before signing a collaboration agreement.


Acceleration of Technology

DeepStar does not retain ownership of the IP and does not retain ownership of the companies we fund projects with. DeepStar and our members objectives are in the more timely advancement of technology to intercept with our members business development plan and technology readiness requirements.

DeepStar requirement to all parties: 

Each party needs to bring the information and resources that are required to have a successful project. 

DeepStar provides funding, technology needs and applications, SME Expertise and guidance in the form of working groups, and real field data and opportunities. DeepStar expect the contributor to bring immature technology, resources ($$$, facilities, Staff) and developed background IP to advance the technology to the point operators have de-risked for offshore use. [ The contributor does not give up any background IP rights.]



Value of a Collaboration Project


Development Knowledge of Technology  

Matures Technology for Commercial Applications

Shorten Qualification Time for Technology Deployment

Associate Members:

Market / Product Exposure

Technology Development into Commercial Product

Technology Improvement Recommendations


Align technology development  with offshore business needs
Gain acceptance of deepwater technologies by industry
Transfer and apply technology to  offshore assets 


Associate Members

Collaboration with members

Access network opportunities with over 15 annual Technical Events and 100+ project working group meetings

Opportunities to interact with customers

Leverage opportunities to engage with customer companies during roadmapping sessions and breakfast and learn introducing technology and case studies.

Take advantage of opportunities to sponsor events and seminars, highlighting your company and its capabilities. 

Outlet to share member news and achievements.

Keep DeepStar and our members aware of technology and qualification currently underway and collaborative opportunities were or members can assist.

Training and education programs

Access to our educational & technical reports generated each program year on the selected topics of industry within our subcommittee. Allow access to our technical forums and industry workshop gaining valuable input of the direction of the industry.



Value  Leverage financial & technical  resources to:  

 Accelerate technology development   

Build deepwater technical competency  

Remove Barrier to technology  introduction 

Access to more than $1 million R&D spend/financial leverage

Deliverables & reports for all Core projects selected for each DeepStar Program year (May 2019 – May 2020)

Access to multi million-dollar funds/partnership leverage    

($10 million in 4 years – up to $2 million in 2019) through DeepStar partnership with Nippon Foundation and influence the partnership with DOE.

Collaborative Opportunities:

Discussion amongst all technical Subcommittees

Technical Forums 

Life Extension Forum, FPSO Integrity Management, Riser Integrity Management Workshop, Hydrate Blockage / Plugged Remediation Workshop, Offshore Digital Lifecycle Workshop, Subsea Docking Station Workshop.

Industry Workshops

Technology Symposium, Continued Service 

Leverage Cost Saving on Additional Satellite Projects

Reduce satellite project administration cost by 25%

                   Core Member pay reduced Admin fee since they already are contributing to the CORE program and its administration cost.